Greed, Inc. Why Corporations Rule the World and How We Let It Happen By Wade Rowland

Why is it that multinational drug companies hide or falsify unfavorable results? Why do automakers knowingly sell us unsafe cars? Why is big business allowed to poison our environment—and us? Why is our food so unhealthy, with obesity growing at such an alarming rate? Why are we working such long hours and enjoying life less? This timely and important book places the blame for much of what ails contemporary society squarely on one institution: the modern publicly traded corporation, which enjoys the legal status of an individual but does not seem bound by the same legal and moral responsibilities, or, in fact, by its nature that is brutally and implacably selfish.

While recognizing the positive contributions corporations have made over the past two centuries to science, technology, and medicine, Rowland examines the greed at the core of it all and pinpoints what went wrong and how we can free ourselves from the “Greed is good” syndrome.

TitleGreed, Inc.
SubtitleWhy Corporations Rule the World and How We Let It Happen
AuthorBy Wade Rowland
PublisherSkyhorse Publishing
ImprintArcade Publishing
Published15 April 2012
Dimensions5.25 x 8.25in.
ISBNs: 9781611453485 978-1-61145-348-5 Title: greed inc category:BUS ISBNs: 9781628722048 978-1-62872-204-8 Title: greed inc category:BUS 
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