Admen, Mad Men, and the Real World of Advertising Essential Lessons for Business and Life By Dave Marinaccio
A bestselling author and advertising veteran shares a life’s lessons from the ad trade.

Dave Marinaccio, cofounder and the creative director of LMO Advertising, is a veteran of the industry who, as a young man starting out, studied stand-up at Second City in Chicago. He later wrote an international bestseller, All I Really Need to Know I Learned from Watching Star Trek. His equally entertaining new book takes us inside the world of advertising, offering stories and observations from his three decades at some of America's best-known agencies, working with clients from Pizza Hut to the Holocaust Museum. In short, punchy chapters, Dave pulls back the curtain and shares his insights on how marketing decisions are made and other lessons. His topics range from logos, the big idea, and selling perfume to how we undervalue our gifts, to do-overs, celebrities, and "meetingsmanship." And more than a few lessons turn out to be apt not just for business but for our stressed-out lives.

Admen, Mad Men, and the Real World of Advertising is written to be easily digestible by interns, CEOS, or anyone who has ever watched a television commercial or clicked on a banner ad. Irreverent, packed with useful information, and unflinchingly honest, it is a serious business book by a seriously funny man and a must for anyone who lives, works, or plays in today's commercial culture.
TitleAdmen, Mad Men, and the Real World of Advertising
SubtitleEssential Lessons for Business and Life
AuthorBy Dave Marinaccio
PublisherSkyhorse Publishing
ImprintArcade Publishing
Published3 November 2015
Dimensions5.50 x 8.25in.

About the author

Dave Marinaccio worked for J. Walter Thompson, Foote Cone & Belding, Bozell Worldwide, DMB&B, and others before cofounding LMO Advertising, which has grown to a multimillion-dollar company with national reach. He is the author of the international bestselller All I Really Need to Know I Learned from Watching Star Trek. An irregular contributor to News Channel 8 in Washington, DC, he has written and spoken about advertising in the media and lectured in venues as diverse as the Smithsonian Institution, college campuses, law firms, and Star Trek conventions. He resides in Washington, DC, with his wife, Leslie, and three cats.

“David is both a thinker, as this book demonstrates, and a doer of the first order. Great guy on top of it all.”—David Bell, former CEO IPG, past chairman 4As, Advertising Hall of Fame 2007

“Dave has an active and agile mind, and he’s always a fun read.”—Martine Rothblatt,author and entrepreneur, CEO United Therapeutics, SXSW Interactive Keynote 2015

"After decades in the ad business, as well as writing fifteen books on the subject, I can say that I basically agree with what Dave Marinaccio wrote in Admen, Mad Men, and the Real World of Advertising. It’s loaded with good advertising sense and is well worth reading." —Jack Trout, Global Marketing Expert and author

"For die-hard Mad Men fans who want to read about the world of advertising from someone who has spent years in the thick of it, this will fit the bill." —Library Journal

“Marinaccio’s willing to share in this book . . . the basic, fundamental, timeless truths that the real, rare professionals in this industry know, but that for some reason too rarely get passed along.” —Agency Review
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