Eating with Peter A Gastronomic Journey By Susan Buckley
A life-changing journey intertwining high romance, gastronomy, and an unsurpassable joir de vivre for readers of Julie and Julia and My Paris Kitchen.
Susan's life would never be the same after she meets Peter. A man who was larger than life, Peter pulls Susan out of her comfort zone to taste the fine life, literally. Together they take food world by storm—embarking on a rollicking adventure through Michelin star restaurants in France, exploring delicacies from the souks in Morocco, and sampling delectable treasures from the Red Sea to the Caribbean. They explored the world, and along the way discovered the best and most desired tables, moving from Peter's adventures with Hemingway to sampling delectable treasures from the Red Sea to the Caribbean.
When they returned to New York, Peter—a writer, notorious food and wine connoisseur, gourmand, as well as chef—and Susan incorporated their exciting European tastes to their daily American life. As Peter and Susan explore one three-star restaurant after the next, the reader meets and gets a taste of famous gastronomic dishes and their chefs, in addition to learning about mouth-watering recipes, culinary moments around the Buckley's kitchen and table with family and friends, and many of their New York food secrets. If much has been written about La Haute Cuisine in the past, nothing compares to the fresh, personal, and tantalizing tone Eating with Peter offers. All twenty-seven recipes in the book have thoroughly been tested, and should invite the reader to recreate the joys of Susan and Peter's experience.
TitleEating with Peter
SubtitleA Gastronomic Journey
AuthorBy Susan Buckley
PublisherSkyhorse Publishing
ImprintArcade Publishing
Published20 March 2018
Dimensions5.50 x 8.25in.

About the author

Susan Buckley is a New York based writer, editor, and consultant. The co-author of five YA books on American history with Elspeth Leacock, she and Leacock co-authored Turning 15 on the Road to Freedom with Lynda Blackmon Lowery. Eating with Peter is her first adult book.

"Read this delicious memoir with pen in hand. You'll want to dine everywhere the Buckley's have. Eating with Peter (to paraphrase Peter's pal) is a moveable feast."—Patricia Volk, author of Stuffed: Adventures of a Restaurant Family

"Eating with Peter is a charming and delightful tour through a lifetime of great meals, glamorous and humble, shared with a man who was larger than life. Susan Buckley vividly describes a world now gone, but shows how it can be conjured with two simple ingredients: an ingenious recipe for a delicious dish (and she includes many) and a sense of adventure. From a tent in Morocco, to a three-star restaurant in Lyon, to New York's Union Square Greenmarket, Buckley brings the reader on a journey filled with good spirits of every kind."—Will Schwalbe, New York Times bestselling author of The End of Your Life Book Club and Books for Living

"Eating with Peter is a charming account of the author's wide-eyed gastronomic odyssey as her husband turns her from a young woman who had never heard of an endive into a passionate food lover. Susan Buckley's entertaining stories of their travels are served with delicious recipes for dishes tasted along the way."—Moira Hodgson, author of It Seemed Like A Good Idea at the Time: My Adventures in Life and Food

"When Susan Washburn married Peter Buckley, an acclaimed author, a friend of Ernest Hemingway, and a bon vivant of strong opinions and outsized appetites, she embarked on a twenty-five-year adventure in eating that took her from Marrakech to Paris and many points in between. Although it all happened within living memory, her adventure is of food world that now seems historical—when balsamic vinegar was unheard of outside Italy and pâté-starved travelers to France stuffed their luggage with 450 pounds of French market goodies (and incurred only a $50 surcharge at the airport). Susan's book is loving, vivid, and extremely funny, not to mention mouth-watering, and it is also poignant."—Stephen Schmidt, author of Master Recipes and co-creator of the Manuscript Cookbooks Survey
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