Lucky Supreme A Novel of Many Crimes By Jeff Johnson
Best Crime Novel of the Year--Joy Ride through the Tattoo Underworld of Portland's Old Town.

The night world of Old Town, Portland, Oregon, has gone mad in the grip of gentrification, and at the center of it all is Lucky Supreme, a seedy tattoo parlor, whose proprietor is a street-bred artist with a unique approach to problem solving. Darby Holland has enough on his radar, but when some flash (tattoo artwork) stolen from him resurfaces in California he can't help himself. His efforts to reclaim it set him on a dangerous path, dragging along his delightfully eccentric colleagues, including the brains behind his brawn, Delia, a twiggy vinyl-clad punk genius secretly from the other side of the tracks. No one knows why the art signed "Roland Norton, Panama, 1955" is worth anything or how it came to hang on the walls of a tattoo shop in Portland, Oregon. Only the deranged former owner can say--and he's not talking. Before the wrecking balls swing through Old Town in the name of "progress," Darby must settle old scores and face new demons to save his reputation, his shop, and his sanity. He has secrets of his own, and a tattoo shop in Old Town was a perfect place to hide, but when cash, lies, crime, and history collide, Darby Holland will need his ramshackle skill set, his wits, and a lot of luck to rise to the top of a human food chain, or be eaten alive.

Lucky Supreme is an intuitive thrill ride from start to finish. It is the first of a trilogy featuring Darby Holland, Delia, and the other unforgettable nocturnal residents of Old Town. Jeff Johnson is a new voice in noir, as entertaining and as fresh as Elmore Leonard or Dennis Lehane.
TitleLucky Supreme
SubtitleA Novel of Many Crimes
AuthorBy Jeff Johnson
PublisherSkyhorse Publishing
ImprintArcade Publishing
Published11 April 2017
Dimensions5.50 x 8.25in.
"Johnson launches the first of a noir trilogy with this highly original caper novel. Darby Holland is the proprietor of the Lucky Supreme, a tattoo parlor in the Old Town neighborhood of Portland, Ore., where he and his artists, a gang of societal misfits, have created their own niche within this gentrifying community. Johnson, a veteran tattoo artist, captures the conflict between the two cultures perfectly without any false sentiment. A phone call from a friend alerts Darby that Jason Bling, a former employee who quit without notice some months ago, has surfaced in Santa Cruz, Calif. Bling has stolen valuable original “flash” (tattoo designs) by pioneer designer Roland Norton. Darby goes to Santa Cruz, where he confronts Bling and figures out that Bling's new boss, Nicholas Dong-ju, who owns a minimall in San Francisco, may have the stolen flash. Darby ends up in a war with a wealthy collector who follows him back to Old Town. The inventive, unorthodox Darby effectively marshals his forces against thugs, officials, and even federal agents in this amusing crime tale."-- PW (Starred)
";A gifted and natural born storyteller." -- John Irving

Advance Praise for LUCKY SUPREME:
"What wonderful Northwest noir. Lucky Supreme cruises through Portland's underworld with a raunchy grace and an unfailing sense of black humor. I loved it." -New York Times bestselling & 3-time Edgar Award-winning author T. Jefferson Parker

“The bastard lovechild of Charles Bukowski and Raymond Chandler, Lucky Supreme is a novel so good you’ll want to ink it into your skin.” -Craig Johnson, author of the Walt Longmire Mysteries, the basis of Netflix’s hit drama Longmire.

"Lucky Supreme is one hell of a book. I didn't know anyone could do noir like this. Now I know Jeff Johnson can." -Joe R. Lansdale, author of Paradise Sky.

"As hip and cool as the neon rain-slicked slicked streets of Portland. Darby Holland is a modern hero in the mold of Sam Spade and Marlowe only with more tattoos and in steel-toed boots. A funny and very gritty book with cool folks, cool music, and wonderful sense of place." -- Ace Atkins, New York Times Bestselling author of The Innocents and Robert B. Parker's Slow Burn.

"Jeff Johnson is the real deal. His work is fast and funny, down and dirty--one moment as smooth as 18-year-old bourbon and the next as rough as a country road. A great talent, a pleasure to read." -- -Brad Smith, author of Red Means Run
Mystery Scene magazine said about Lucky Supreme: A Novel of Many Crimes: "The author, a tattoo artist himself, gets props for not getting all soapy and fuzzy with his setting, and Darby makes for an intriguing narrator/storyteller, his black humor tinged with a rough poetry that initially seems forced but eventually really gets under your skin. More please."--Mystery Scene Magazine

Praise for Tattoo Machine:

"Tattoo parlors are showcases for the socially disreputable, the brazenly nonconformist and the indelibly creative, all on display in this colorful memoir."--Publishers Weekly

"If you like skin art, welcome aboard."--Kirkus Reviews

"Absolutely fascinating."--The Washington Post

"Funny, outlandish, and sometimes disturbing."--New York Post

"Astonishing candor and brilliant imagery."--London Free Press
"Tattoo Machine is meticulously observed, savagely funny, and deeply compassionate. It's a tale of up-from-under redemption through the shadowed art of personal symbolism. Jeff Johnson is a sharp-eyed master tattoo artist and an extraordinary writer."--Katherine Dunn, author of Geek Love

"An amazing firsthand account of all things you wondered about tattoo shops. I loved it."--Gus Van Sant

"A wry, tender story about the tribulations of flesh and ink—and funny as hell. I've never understood why people get tattoos, but after reading Jeff's excellent book I may just get one myself."--Steve Dublanica, author of New York Times Bestselling Waiter Rant

"For everyone out there who is as fascinated by skin art as much as I am, Jeff Johnson's memoir is a must read, a gritty, brutally honest account of his life and years in the tattoo business. Equally hilarious, alarming, heartbreaking, rebellious, and philosophical, Tattoo Machine gets inside your head and leaves an impression that goes deeper than any needle, one that will only be wiped away when you, dear customer, are dead and gone."--Donald Ray Pollock, author of Knockemstiff

"One of the best books I've read so far this year; a reading experience that transcends the subject matter."--Jeff VanderMeer
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