Apprenticed to Venus My Secret Life with Anaïs Nin Tristine Rainer
“I first met Anaïs in 1962 at her Village apartment, when I was an eighteen-year-old virgin.”

And so begins Tristine Rainer’s years as Anaïs Nin’s accomplice, keeping Nin’s confidences—including that of her bigamy—even after Nin’s death and the passing of her husbands, until now.

Apprenticed to Venus charts Rainer’s coming of age under the guidance of Anaïs Nin: lover to Henry Miller, Parisian diarist, author of the erotic bestseller Delta of Venus, and feminist icon of the sexual revolution. As an inexperienced young woman, Tristine was dazzled by the sophisticated bohemian author and sought her instruction in becoming a woman. From their first meeting in Greenwich Village through Nin’s death in 1977, Tristine remained a fixture of Anaïs Nin’s inner circle, implicated in the mysterious author’s secrets—while simultaneously finding her own way through love, lust, and loss. From personal memories to dramatized scenarios based on Nin’s revelations to the author, Apprenticed to Venus blurs the lines between novel and memoir, bringing Anaïs Nin to life in new way—a pioneer whose mantra was, “A woman has as much right to pleasure as a man!”

A compelling look at the intricacies—and risks—of female friendship and the mentor-protégé relationship, Tristine Rainer’s Apprenticed to Venus is the intimate story of an entanglement only she could tell.
TitleApprenticed to Venus
SubtitleMy Secret Life with Anaïs Nin
AuthorTristine Rainer
PublisherSkyhorse Publishing
ImprintArcade Publishing
Published11 July 2017
Dimensions6.00 x 9.00in.

About the author

Tristine Rainer is a recognized expert on diary and memoir writing who has coached many writers to publication. She is the author of two renowned classics on autobiographic writing continuously in print: The New Diary (with a preface by Anaïs Nin) and Your Life as Story. She has also written and produced award-winning movies for television. Rainer taught memoir and creative nonfiction for eleven years in the USC Masters of Professional Writing Program, and is the founder and director of the nonprofit Center for Autobiographic Studies. She resides in California.

"Before Lena Dunham, there was Anaïs Nin." - The Guardian

"A perceptive and revolutionary work." - Anaïs Nin on The New Diary

"Extensively researched, useful...all you've wanted to know." - Los Angeles Times on The New Diary

"Perceptive and readable from start to finish." - Publisher's Weekly on The New Diary

"A book both practical and inspiring. Rainer knows how to shape autobiography into art, and she shares this knowledge with clarity, enthusiasm, and a knack for choosing writers' words that best illustrate her point." — Bernard Cooper, personal essayist and memoirist, author of Maps to Anywhere on Your Life As a Story
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