Venom Doc The Edgiest, Darkest, Strangest Natural History Memoir Ever By Bryan Grieg Fry
Steve Irwin meets David Attenborough in this jaw-dropping account of studying the world’s most venomous creatures.

Venomologist Bryan Grieg Fry has one of the most dangerous jobs on earth: he works with its deadliest creatures. He’s been bitten by twenty-six venomous snakes, been stung by three stingrays, and survived a near-fatal scorpion sting while deep in the Amazon jungle. He’s received more than four hundred stitches and broken twenty-three bones, including breaking his back in three places, and had to learn how to walk again. But when you research only the venom you yourself have collected, the adventures—and danger—never stop.

Imagine a three-week-long first date in Siberia catching venomous water shrews with the daughter of a Russian war hero; a wedding attended by Eastern European prime ministers and their machine-gun-wielding bodyguards and snakes; or leading a team to Antarctica that results in the discovery of four new species of venomous octopi. Bryan’s discoveries have radically reshaped views on venom evolution and contributed to the creation of venom-based life-saving medications. In pursuit of venom, he has traveled the world collecting samples from Indonesia to Mexico, Germany, and Brazil. He’s encountered venomous creatures of all kinds, including the Malaysian king cobra, the Komodo dragon, and the funnel-web spider. Bryan recounts his lifelong passion for studying the world’s most venomous creatures in this outlandish, captivating memoir, where he and danger are never far apart.
TitleVenom Doc
SubtitleThe Edgiest, Darkest, Strangest Natural History Memoir Ever
AuthorBy Bryan Grieg Fry
PublisherSkyhorse Publishing
ImprintArcade Publishing
Published4 October 2016
FormatElectronic book text

About the author

Bryan Grieg Fry was born in 1970 to a Norwegian mother and American father and educated in the US, attending Portland State University before pursuing a PhD in Australia at the University of Queensland’s Centre for Drug Design and Development. His papers and articles have been published widely in academic journals and in the trade media, including Wired, Cosmos, and National Geographic, and he has appeared in documentaries and television programs. He is Associate Professor in the School of Biological Sciences at the University of Queensland where he is group leader of the Venomics Laboratory. He resides in Queensland, Australia.

"You just gotta admire Bryan Fry’s brand of insanity, it’s begat by the same innocent attraction that some kids have to wild, ‘dangerous’ things. While having a blast doing it, Bryan levitates his venomous adventure to the realms of high science and tells a cracking good tale about it all." —Romulus Whitaker, herpetologist and wildlife conservationist

“Ask Bryan Grieg Fry what he does for a living, and you’re suddenly thrown into a strange world full of venom and danger. In Venom Doc, Fry takes readers on a gripping tour of that world, showing why the dangerous creatures he spends his life with are also among the most fascinating.” —Carl Zimmer, author of Parasite Rex

“Bryan Fry’s recent monograph, Venomous Reptiles and Their Toxins is a scientific tour de force. His new book, Venom Doc, is jam-packed with wildly entertaining behind-the-scenes stories of how Bryan became an expert on venom and the trials and tribulations of a life in science. Brilliant, flamboyant, and sometimes controversial, this is the story of his life, warts and all. This book is thrilling and thought-provoking! Bryan’s memoir is a must-read for anyone interested in herpetology.”—Nigel Marven, BBC Television Host

“If the first two rules of writing one's memoirs are to live a remarkable life and to relate its anecdotes in an interesting, entertaining way, then Bryan Fry's "Dr. Venom" nails it on both counts. . . . Fry's life and career have been outliers among outliers, and Doctor Venom is endlessly entertaining for just that reason: It is the diary of a quintessentially mad scientist.. . . Each chapter paints a portrait of not only his bizarre profession, but also what makes Bryan . . . Bryan. Although Fry's research is complex, reading about it is easy, and the stories are populated by a cast of characters as colorful as you might expect. Fans of herp history will find Doctor Venom not only an important addition to their libraries, but a fun, engaging page-turner as well.” —Ray Morgan, The Venom Interviews

“Bryan is the Hunter S. Thompson of his science—he doesn't so much study venom as indulge in its excesses to fully understand his subject from the inside. This is a cracking read that will take you through his chaotic and often scary world as he has experienced it, seen through his blood-shot eyes.” —Dr. Paul M.A Willis, Paleontologist and Science Communicator, presenter and host for Australia’s Science Channel

"In Venom Doc, Bryan truly bares all with a sort of in-your-face candor and lack of filter that makes him one of the most refreshing if intimidating people I know. And while at first, he seems to glorify what may at best be categorized as reckless behavior, Bryan’s life story takes a sharp turn for the worse, and the reader sees him at his most vulnerable. . . . If you’re a fan of the animals most love to loathe, then this book is definitely for you, what with the plethora of snakes, lizards and other animals that Bryan describes working with over the years. But in a broader sense, it’s a story of one man’s grand adventures and how they almost killed him—almost, but not quite. . . . As its subtitle boasts, it really is 'The edgiest, darkest and strangest natural history memoir ever.'" —Discover Magazine

"Dr. Bryan Grieg Fry is the Darwin of Venomology, a pioneering scientist of the topmost caliber. His epiphany-provoking observations about the ‘treasure trove’ of pharmaceutical potential in venoms have shown the human value of what are generally feared, misunderstood, and often loathed venom-endowed creatures. He is also one of the most brilliantly crazy people I know, and in the best possible way. This book is a great read. It is sensational and provocative . . . and pharmacologically active— just like venom and Bryan himself!” —Sean P. Bush, MD, FACEP, Professor of Emergency Medicine, with Tenure, East Carolina University Brody School of Medicine

"Venom Doc is a rollercoaster ride account of the life of a professional venom biologist. This biography graphically outlines scientist and television personality Bryan Fry’s passion for anything venomous, starting with his formative years and then charting his globetrotting exploits to collect venoms from a host of dangerous creatures. Providing an insight into the mind and actions of a colourful field biologist with a dark sense of humour, Venom Doc offers a no-holds barred account of his life journey and transformation, interspersed with near-death experiences, euphoric highs and reflections on his own mortality. From bites by venomous snakes, to catching octopuses in Antarctica, to a broken back and partial paralysis, this book is fast-paced and filled with some truly bizarre and entertaining extreme real-life stories. Throughout, Bryan offers his scientific insight into the creatures he studies and the elixir he ultimately craves—venom." —Dr. Nick Casewell, Senior Lecturer at the Alistair Reid Venom Research Unit, Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine

“Bryan is my mentor and hero when it comes to all things venom; he seems to have lived a dozen lives, and each one at breakneck speed. His memoirs are a wild acid-soaked synthesis of Hunter S. Thompson and Gerald Durrell, and I defy anyone to read them without gulping and gasping every other page.” —Dr. Steve Backshall, BAFTA-winning English naturalist, writer, and television presenter

“The stuff that tall tales are made of . . . sex, drugs, serpents and rockin’ science . . . but for some the world is a crazier place than the movies or even the fantasies of others. Venom Doc will leave many wondering if Bryan is driven by an unquenchable thirst for discovery or if he is a mad man. Possibly both are correct . . .” —Shawn K. Heflick, MS, CEO/Founder-Crocodile Conservation International, Director-Venom University

“In Venom Doc, Bryan Fry brings to life his lifelong passion (or some would say obsession) for venom and through it, his quest to seek out some of the world most dangerous animals in over 40 countries. From chilling tales of dangerous encounters with taipans, king cobras, and arctic vipers, to komodo dragons, vampire bats, and even an Antarctic giant octopus, Fry never ceases to entertain, but also educate, the reader. This book documents, in a very down to earth and candid style, his life journey, aspirations and achievements in his continual quest to challenge himself and contribute to society, while at the same time explaining many technical and fascinating concepts in easy to understand terms to the lay reader. More than simply just a biography, this colorful and gripping account of the action-filled life of one of Australia's most renowned biologists is littered with fascinating insights and facts. If only there were more writers like Fry out there, bringing scientific research to life—translating an often inaccessible, dry, and technical field into an exciting, entertaining, and educational read.” —Roger Chao, head of the Explorers Club, Australian/New Zealand Chapter
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