Night Fighter An Insider's Story of Special Ops from Korea to SEAL Team 6 By William H. Hamilton, By Charles W. Sasser
For readers of American Sniper, the stirring account of a life of service by the “father of the US Navy SEALs”

One month after the Bay of Pigs fiasco, when President John F. Kennedy pressed Congress about America’s “urgent national needs,” he named expanding US special operations forces along with putting a man on the moon. Captain William Hamilton was the officer tasked with creating the finest unconventional warriors ever seen. Merging his own experience commanding Navy Underwater Demolition Teams with expertise from Army Special Forces and the CIA, and working with his subordinate, Roy Boehm, he cast the mold for sea-, air-, and land-dispatched night fighters capable of successfully completing any mission anywhere in the world. Initially, they were used as a counter to the potential devastation of nuclear war, and later for counterterrorism and hostage rescue. His vision led to the formation of the celebrated SEAL Team 6. In this stirring, action-filled book, Hamilton tells his story for the first time.

Night Fighter is a trove of true adventure from the history of the late twentieth century, which Hamilton lived, from fighter pilot in the Korean War to operative for the CIA in Vietnam, Africa, Latin America, and Europe, from the Pentagon to Foggy Bottom, and from the Cuban Missile Crisis to the Reagan White House’s Star Wars. Like American Sniper, here is the record of a life devoted to patriotic service.

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TitleNight Fighter
SubtitleAn Insider's Story of Special Ops from Korea to SEAL Team 6
AuthorBy William H. Hamilton, By Charles W. Sasser
PublisherSkyhorse Publishing
ImprintArcade Publishing
Published1 November 2016
Dimensions6.00 x 9.00in.

About the author

William H. Hamilton Jr. graduated from the US Naval Academy in Annapolis in 1949 and served as a fighter pilot in the Korean War. Fascination with unconventional warfare led his involvement in underwater demolition teams. In 1961, he became the commander of UDT-21, in Little Creek, Virginia, where, with Roy Boehm as his operations officer, he was responsible for developing the Navy SEAL program. Hamilton subsequently conducted missions with SEALs and CIA in Cuba, Vietnam, Latin America, and Africa. After the Iran Hostage Crisis, he worked in counterterrorism, and was one of two men responsible for developing SEAL Team Six. He also advised the Reagan White House on the security of the Strategic Defense Initiative. Hamilton retired from the Navy in 1986. He resides with his wife in Virginia Beach, Virginia.

Charles W. Sasser, a veteran writer of military history and other books, was himself a member of the Special Forces and a Green Beret and is the bestselling author of One Shot One Kill and, with Roy Boehm, First SEAL. Many of his military titles have been main selections at the Military History Book Club. He resides in Chouteau, Oklahoma.

"Night Fighter is unique. It is a most revealing documentary account and living history of the Special Ops, and I know of no other book that offers so complete and objective a glimpse within the organization. By the end, you will know and feel what it was like to be a night fighter from Korea all the way to SEAL Team 6." —Chimp Robertson, author of POW/MIA: America’s Missing Men

"It is my opinion that without the commitment, passion, ingenuity and ruthlessness of Hamilton and (Roy) Boehm there would have been no SEAL teams as we know them." —John Weisman, co-author of Richard Marcinko's Rogue Warrior series; and co-author of Shadow Warrior

"Through your efforts we have been made aware of a significant threat to the development and construction of a strategic defense system (SDI, 'Star Wars')." —Lt. General James A. Abrahamson

"This idea of Bill Hamilton . . . and others into airborne delivery (Helicopter cast-and-recover) was the genesis of the Navy SEALs--SEALs standing for Sea, Air, Land." —Orr Kelly, author of Brave Men, Dark Waters

"You (Hamilton) are the father of the U.S. Navy SEALs." —Sedgwick Tourison Jr., author of Secret Army, Secret War

"Hamilton was also the man responsible for forming SEAL Team Six. (He) did the country a great service in forming what is now one of America's finest professional warrior units." —Rudy Enders, retired CIA officer

"LCDR Hamilton is . . . the foremost expert in UDT matters currently on active duty in the Atlantic Fleet." —Vice Admiral John McN. Taylor, COMPHIBLANT

"His aggressive leadership was instrumental in developing the Navy's 'pro-active' anti-terrorist stance, and he has helped shape our anti-terrorist program for years to come." —Rear Admiral R.F. Marryott

"For exceptional meritorious conduct in the performance of outstanding service in the First Human Volunteer to perform an underwater ejection . . . for the Pilot Underwater Escape Program." —Legion of Merit citation

"Captain Hamilton is widely credited for his significant role in creating the first Navy SEAL commando units." —BULLIS Magazine
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