Linda McCartney's Home Vegetarian Cooking 308 Quick, Easy, and Economical Vegetarian Dishes By Linda McCartney

In this internationally bestselling classic vegetarian cookbook Linda McCartney stresses freshness and nutrition, using her imagination to create meatless dishes that are quick and economical and sacrifice nothing in taste. One of the world’s first “celebrity chefs” and an outspoken animal rights activist, McCartney turned to vegetarian cooking early in her life.

Decades of cooking a meatless diet for friends and family have culminated in these 308 easy, clear, and delicious recipes—from dinner to dessert, there is something for every occasion here. With recipes like fresh Avocado and Dill Soup, hearty Beefless Stroganoff, delicious Maine Sauerkraut, and tasty Lentil Cheese Loaf, McCartney’s upbeat presentation encourages cooks of all ages and abilities to explore the endless variations possible in a vegetarian diet. Also included are handy measurement conversion tables, advice for cooking with children and teenagers, and a brief glossary to get you thinking about vegetarian cooking terms.

TitleLinda McCartney's Home Vegetarian Cooking
Subtitle308 Quick, Easy, and Economical Vegetarian Dishes
AuthorBy Linda McCartney
PublisherSkyhorse Publishing
ImprintArcade Publishing
Published1 October 2011
Dimensions7.00 x 10.00in.
ISBNs: 9781611451832 978-1-61145-183-2 Title: linda mccartneys home vegetarian cooking category:CKB 
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