Political Science

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    Past and Future
    Michael Harrington
    (Arcade Publishing)
    On learning his cancer was inoperable, renowned intellectual Michael Harrington simply asked the doctors to keep him alive long enough “to complete a summary statement of the themes I had thought of throughout an activist life.” And they did. Socialism: Past and Future is prominent thinker Michael Harrington’s... [READ MORE]
    The Mind of a Terrorist
    David Headley, the Mumbai Massacre, and His European Revenge
    Kaare Sørensen, Cory Klingsporn
    (Arcade Publishing)
    Written with the pacing of a thriller, a veteran journalist’s account of the terrorist behind the Mumbai attacks. David Headley, the American-Pakistani also known as Daood Gilani, lived a double life. One day he would stroll through Central Park in his tailored Armani suit as a true New Yorker, and the... [READ MORE]
    What You Should Know About Politics . . . But Don't
    A Nonpartisan Guide to the Issues That Matter
    Jessamyn Conrad, Naomi Wolf
    (Arcade Publishing)
    “Engaging and inspiring . . . Reading this book should make you want to vote.”—Barack Obama In a world of sound bites, deliberate misinformation, and a political scene colored by the blue versus red partisan divide, how does the average educated American find a reliable source that’s free of political... [READ MORE]
    For Whom the Dogs Spy
    Haiti: From the Duvalier Dictatorships to the Earthquake, Four Presidents, and Beyond
    Raymond A. Joseph
    (Arcade Publishing)
    When the 2010 earthquake struck Haiti, Raymond Joseph, the former Haitian ambassador to the United States, found himself rushing back to his beloved country. The earthquake ignited a passion in Joseph, inspiring him to run for president against great competition, including two well-known Haitian pop... [READ MORE]
    How to Be a Dictator
    An Irreverent Guide
    Mikal Hem
    (Arcade Publishing)
    A Tongue-in-Cheek Guide to Becoming a Dictator, Based on the Outrageous, Scandalous, and Excessive Behavior of Dictators Past and Present Who hasn’t dreamed of one day ruling your own country? Along with great power comes unlimited influence, control, admiration, and often wealth. How to Be a Dictator... [READ MORE]
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