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    A Doctor's Eyewitness Account
    By Miklos Nyiszli, Translated by Tibere Kremer, Translated by Richard Seaver, Introduction by Bruno Bettelheim
    (Arcade Publishing)
    When the Nazis invaded Hungary in 1944, they sent virtually the entire Jewish population to Auschwitz. A Jew and a medical doctor, Dr. Miklos Nyiszli was spared from death for a grimmer fate: to perform “scientific research” on his fellow inmates under the supervision of the infamous “Angel of Death”:... [READ MORE]
    France on the Brink
    A Great Civilization in the New Century
    By Jonathan Fenby
    (Arcade Publishing)
    This completely revised and fully updated edition of the book Bill Bryson called “superb” presents a sharply insightful, authoritative portrait of France today as it struggles to live up to its vision of itself amid storm clouds that won’t go away.France on the Brink was chosen as a New York Times book... [READ MORE]
    Someday You Will Understand
    My Father's Private World War II
    By Nina Wolff Feld
    (Arcade Publishing)
    Walter Wolff was the son of a Jewish merchant family that fled their German home when the Nazis came to power and took refuge in Brussels, Belgium. On the eve of the German invasion, in May 1940, the family began its second escape. Their sixteen-month odyssey took them through the chaos of battle in... [READ MORE]
    All the Ways We Kill and Die
    A Portrait of Modern War
    By Brian Castner
    (Arcade Publishing)
    The search for a friend’s killer is a riveting lesson in the way war has changed. The EOD—explosive ordnance disposal—community is tight-knit, and when one of their own is hurt, an alarm goes out. When Brian Castner, an Iraq War vet, learns that his friend and EOD brother Matt has been killed by an IED... [READ MORE]
    Thirteen Years That Changed America
    By Edward Behr
    (Arcade Publishing)
    From the bestselling author of The Last Emperor comes this rip-roaring history of the government’s attempt to end America’s love affair with liquor—which failed miserably. On January 16, 1920, America went dry. For the next thirteen years, the Eighteenth Amendment prohibited the making, selling, or transportation... [READ MORE]
    The Emperor's Codes
    The Thrilling Story of the Allied Code Breakers Who Turned the Tide of World War II
    By Michael Smith
    (Arcade Publishing)
    In this gripping, previously untold story from World War II, Michael Smith examines how code breakers cracked Japan’s secret codes and won the war in the Pacific. He also takes the reader step by step through the process, explaining exactly how the code breakers went about their daunting task—made even... [READ MORE]
    The Templars
    The Secret History Revealed
    By Barbara Frale, Translated by Gregory Conti, Foreword by Umberto Eco
    (Arcade Publishing)
    Barbara Frale gives us an explosive, exhaustively researched history of the medieval world’s most powerful military order, the Templars. At its height, the Order of the Knights Templar rivaled the kingdoms of Europe in military might, economic power, and political influence. For 700 years, the tragic... [READ MORE]
    The Incredible True Story of How George Soros' Father Outsmarted the Gestapo
    By Tivadar Soros, Edited by Humphrey Tonkin, Introduction by George Soros, Introduction by Paul Soros
    (Arcade Publishing)
    The Nazis came late to Hungary because, until early 1944, Germany and Hungary were allies. But when they did arrive, their orders were to put the “Final Solution” into effect with deliberate speed. Soros, a Jewish lawyer in Budapest, secured fake Christian identities for himself, his wife, and his two... [READ MORE]
    Secret Societies
    Inside the Freemasons, the Yakuza, Skull and Bones, and the World's Most Notorious Secret Organizations
    By John Lawrence Reynolds
    (Arcade Publishing)
    They generate fear, suspicion, and—above all—fascination. Secret societies thrive among us, yet they remain shrouded in mystery. Their secrecy suggests, to many, sacrilege or crime, and their loyalties are often accused of undermining governments and tipping the scales of justice. The Freemasons, for... [READ MORE]
    Solving the Mystery of the Lost Colony
    By Lee Miller
    (Arcade Publishing)
    November 1587. A report reaches London that Sir Walter Raleigh’s expedition, which left England months before to land the first English settlers in America, has foundered. On Roanoke Island, off the coast of North Carolina, a tragedy is unfolding. Something has gone very wrong, and the colony—115 men,... [READ MORE]
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