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    Greed, Inc.
    Why Corporations Rule the World and How We Let It Happen
    By Wade Rowland
    (Arcade Publishing)
    Why is it that multinational drug companies hide or falsify unfavorable results? Why do automakers knowingly sell us unsafe cars? Why is big business allowed to poison our environment—and us? Why is our food so unhealthy, with obesity growing at such an alarming rate? Why are we working such long hours... [READ MORE]
    Casey's Law
    If Something Can Go Right, It Should
    By Al Casey
    (Arcade Publishing)
    Murphy’s Law tells us that if something can go wrong, it will. Al Casey tells us: If things can go right, they should. But you’ve got to make them go right by working hard. One of the most successful—and original—American businessmen of our time, Al Casey was a no- nonsense turnaround specialist who,... [READ MORE]
    An "astonishing...eye-opening chronicle" (Publisher's Weekly) of backstabbing, infighting, and industrial theft and espionage in the world's biggest business. It makes empires; it destroys economies; it shapes history. Welcome to the world's biggest business--the automobile industry. A hundred years... [READ MORE]
    Admen, Mad Men, and the Real World of Advertising
    Essential Lessons for Business and Life
    By Dave Marinaccio
    (Arcade Publishing)
    A bestselling author and advertising veteran shares a life’s lessons from the ad trade.Dave Marinaccio, cofounder and the creative director of LMO Advertising, is a veteran of the industry who, as a young man starting out, studied stand-up at Second City in Chicago. He later wrote an international bestseller,... [READ MORE]
    A Masterpiece of Revenge
    By J.J. Fiechter
    (Arcade Publishing)
    From the author of comes a wickedly ingenious psychological thriller involving a priceless painting and a murderous plot to use it for revenge. Gripping from first page to last, A MASTERPIECE OF REVENGE is a classic Hitchcockian thriller that will keep the reader guessing every step of the way.... [READ MORE]
    Telling readers what they need to know now to protect their pensions, two pension experts and reform advocates reveal the pitfalls in the system, ask disturbing questions, and offer valuable advice to protect retirement income.... [READ MORE]
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